1931 Duesenberg Model J Murphy

Convertible Coupe8-cyl. 420cid/265hp 2bbl

North America


Drivers Club

Sold March 4, 2023

Hagerty expert commentary
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420/265hp, 3-speed, wire wheels, blackwalls, sidemount spares, suicide doors, rumble seat, luggage rack dual horns, engine-turned dash, wood door panels. ACD certified class 1.
Formerly owned by Pacific Auto Rentals, the company that loaned out interesting cars for Hollywood films, and its best-known appearance was in WHatever Happened to Baby Jane? Restored in the 1990s-2000s and further sorted in the 2010s. Overall presentation of the body and paint is excellent, there are no notable flaws. There is a small leak at the back of the transmission, otherwise the underbody has been kept in excellent condition. The driver''s seat exhibits minimal wear. An astonishingly well maintained older restoration.
Sold at the Hershey Auction in 2002 for $723,600, then by RM at Amelia in 2008 for an eye-popping at the time $2,640,000 which prompted the observation, “‘The quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten,’ or at least the new owner better hope so.” Subsequent owners have done better than that, but this is a better,
Hagerty Condition Rating#2 ExcellentCould win a regional car show. Drives like new.
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Vehicle specs
Odometer44715 m
Engine TypeI8
Induction1x1 bbl
Transmission typeN/A
Interior ColorBeige
Exterior ColorRed
Top ColorN/A
Seller details
RM Sotheby's
Event dateMar 4, 2023
LocationFernandina Beach, FL; USA
AuctionRM Sotheby's
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