1972 MG MGB GT

2dr Coupe

4-cyl. 1798cc/95hp 2x1bbl

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#4 Fair condition#4 Fair
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Model overview

Model description

The 1972 MGB underwent significant changes from the year before, including the return of a glove box, fresh air vents and a redesigned heater, a center console with an armrest and storage underneath its hinged top. MGB GT seats gained brushed nylon center panels, which proved short-lived and are often replaced with the roadster’s woven vinyl. The black interior was replaced with Navy Blue, which lasted until mid-1973 and the attractive Autumn Leaf color interior continued.

The MGB engine was now designated 18V and painted black. Duplex timing chains were replaced by a single unit. The compression ratio was now a disappointing 8:1 but the emissions system worked reasonably well. Emissions air pumps were often removed and are hard to find today.

MGB colors continued to improve. They would change every year from now on. As always Black was listed as a special order option. Teal Blue continued along with Harvest Gold, Green Mallard (replacing Dark British Racing Green), Blaze Orange, Flame Red, Aqua Turqoise (one year only), Bronze Yellow, and Glacier White. Mustard, Bedouin Beige, and Midnight Blue were discontinued. All interiors were Navy Blue, except Black could also be Autumn Leaf and Teal Blue and Green Mallard were both Autumn Leaf.

MGB production continue almost unchanged from 1971 with 23,960 roadsters sold. U.S. sales totaled 18,249, while the UK bought 4421 units. MGB GT sales amounted to 11,952 units, down slightly from the previous year’s 13,612 sales. U.S. buyers bought 3609 GTs while the UK purchased 7090, a curious trend which would continue until the GT was discontinued in the U.S. at the end of 1974.

U.S. 1972 MGB roadster prices began at $3320, while the GT now started at $3615. Hardtops and overdrive gearboxes were optional extras. Wire wheels were discontinued in the U.S. in June 1971 and only the Rostyle steel mag-style wheels were available until special edition alloy wheels towards the end of production in 1980.


Additional Info
Shipping Weight: 2190 lbs
Vehicle Length: 153.2 in
Wheelbase - Inches: 91 in
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