1969 MG MGB GT

2dr Coupe

4-cyl. 1798cc/92hp 2x1bbl SU

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Model overview

Model description

Midway through 1969, the MGB’s aluminum hood changed to steel. The U.S. market 1969 cars also feature three windscreen wipers rather than two. U.S. cars also had the heater control on the left and a square oil pressure gauge separated the speedometer and tachometer. The left-hand stalk on the steering column operates the turn signals and headlight dipper while the right hand stalk operates the windshield wipers and the overdrive if fitted. The all-synchromesh 4-speed gearbox now had a round shift knob instead of the teardrop shape. The radio was moved down to the console. MGs built for the rest of the world would keep the original dashboard until 1972.

U.S. market MGBs also differed from other models with emissions biting into performance, though perhaps not as drastically as Jaguar models. MGB Mk II color schemes featured leather seating surfaces without contrasting piping. U.S. market seats reclined for the first time with headrests and a “ladder pattern”. All cars had black top, boot cover and tonneau. Interiors were black except for the GT’s Sandy Beige or Metallic Golden Beige colors.

A total of 19,227 1969 MGB Mk II roadsters were sold worldwide, with 3953 going the U.S. in the latter part of 1968 and 10,527 delivered in spring 1969 for a total of 14,480 units. That represented the lion’s share of production, showing the importance of the American market. Meanwhile, the UK market bought 2299 roadsters. At the same time, 9701 MGB GTs found buyers, with 6020 coming to the U.S. and 2811 staying in the UK.

Available MGB colors included: Black (special order), Mineral Blue, Dark British Racing Green, Tartan Red, Snowberry White, and Pale Primrose Yellow. Grampian Gray and Sandy Beige were GT-only colors, while metallic colors were available only on GT models through late 1968. They included Metallic Gold Beige, or Metallic Riviera Silver Blue, which are rarely seen. Mk II color schemes featured black leather seating without contrasting piping, and all had black top, boot cover and tonneau.


Additional Info
Shipping Weight: 2190 lbs
Vehicle Length: 153.2 in
Wheelbase - Inches: 91 in
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