8C 2900, GTO, Miura, Countach. Some of the world's most expressive and inspiring cars have hailed from Italy, and the excitement Italian cars have delivered for more than 100 years has placed them in a special spot among car collectors. Italian car culture is deeply rooted in auto racing, and Italian manufacturers have produced an incredible number of sports, grand touring, and dual purpose models as a result. Italian coachbuilders have been equally impressive, with styling from companies like Pininfarina, Zagato, and Bertone all capturing enthusiasts' imaginations and introducing new design languages that shaped the products other manufacturers would produce later.

Ferrari is arguably the most famous automotive brand in the world, and is synonymous with speed. More recent models like the Enzo and the LaFerrari carry that mantle, but cars like the 250 GT SWB, the 250 LM, and the 275 GTB of the 1960s helped solidify the reputation. Lamborghini found fame by installing V-12 engines in a variety of products over a 48-year stretch. Maserati's early elegance in cars like the 3500 GT and A6 series, as well as a succession of successful race cars in the 1950s made them a household name among auto enthusiasts.

The range of Italian cars is amazing. Joining the attention-grabbing Ferrari and Lamborghini models are the well-balanced small-displacement Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the nimble Lancia Flaminia. Or the accessible Fiat 500 or 124 Spider.

While many collectible Italian cars are expensive, they all aren't. Browse through a few of these picks to get a sample of what awaits.

1960s American

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