1982 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

2dr Sport Coupe

8-cyl. 305cid/165hp CFI

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Model overview

Model description

The third generation Chevrolet Camaro was launched in 1982 as a rear-wheel drive coupe, relieving traditional fans who were worried about the prospect of front-wheel drive. The ’82 Camaro represented a marked change from its bulbous predecessor. It was both slim and angular, plus it had a wheelbase that was seven inches shorter and cut 500 pounds of weight.

Sales jumped by a third to 189,747 units and for the first time the base engine was a 90hp, 151 cid four-cylinder engine, otherwise known as the Pontiac “Iron Duke.” The four-cylinder car attracted 21,802 buyers, with 69,777 opting for the 102hp 173 cid V-6, and 98,168 buyers choosing the 305 cid V-8. The standard V-8 produced 145hp, while a 165hp V-8 was optional on the Camaro Z28.

The base model was equipped with the four-cylinder engine as standard and a wide-ratio 4-speed, while the 1982 Camaro Berlinetta came standard with a V-6 and the Z28 was standard with the 305 V-8. Optional upgrades included the 173 cid V-6 for $125 (69,777 takers), 305 cid V-8 for $295 (73,495 takers) and the 165hp, 305 cid V-8 for $450 (24,673 buyers for the Z28 only).

Four 1982 Chevrolet Camaro models were offered. Base price for the Camaro Sports Coupe was $8,029 (78,761 buyers); $9,665 for the Berlinetta Coupe (39,744 buyers); $10,099 for the Z28 (64,882 buyers) and the same price for the Indy Edition Z28 (6,360 buyers). This was the third time that the Camaro paced the Indy 500 and while the two actual pace cars were fitted with 350 V-8s, the replica versions had the smaller 305 engine. All Indy replicas were silver and blue, with a matching cloth/vinyl interior and Indy 500 accents and decals.

Muscle car qualities were a distant memory (especially with a 4-banger) and luxury and style items were the most common options on the new Camaro. Almost all cars (174,449) had tinted glass, 83,669 had power windows and 64,253 had power door locks. A total of 159,640 buyers ordered air conditioning (a good idea with the industry’s biggest rear hatch), 115,640 ordered a rear defogger, 79,814 ordered intermittent wipers, 155,577 chose an automatic transmission, 132,659 selected a tilt steering wheel, 90,371 bought cruise control, and 74,581 opted for an AM/FM stereo cassette tape.


Standard Equipment
Additional Info
Drive Type: RWD
Front Tire Size Code: 17
Front Tire Size: 14R195
Manufacturer Code: C137
Manufacturer MSRP: 7755
Market Segmentation: Mid Size Sport
Shipping Weight: 2870
Wheel Base Longest - Inches: 101.0
Wheel Base Shortest - Inches: 101.0
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