1973 Chevrolet Camaro

2dr Sport Coupe

8-cyl. 307cid/115hp 2bbl

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Model overview

Model description

Even as production rebounded, net horsepower continued to decrease for the 1973 Camaro. A total of 96,751 Camaros were built, but only 3,614 were six-cylinder models. This was the last year for the handsome Rally Sport treatment (11,364 buyers) with bumperettes and an open-face grille. Cars with a solid front bumper received hefty overriders and stronger brackets. The six-cylinder cars began at $2,732 while the V-8 was only $90 more at $2,822, and the new Camaro LT model cost a hefty $3,211.

The six-cylinder 250 cid cars developed a mere 100 bhp, which was a dismal figure in a 3,000lb car. The base V-8 remained the 115 bhp 307 cid engine, though two 350 cid V-8s could be had, with 145 bhp (50,262 takers for $26 extra) and 175 bhp (13,220 buyers at $102). The Camaro Z/28 received hydraulic lifters and power dropped from 255 bhp to 245 bhp. The Z/28 was finally available with air conditioning, and 11,574 buyers spent $598.05 on the package.

The Chevrolet Camaro LT model replaced the Super Sport and could be combined with the Rally Sport and Z/28 pages. A total of 32,327 were sold. Power windows became available late in the model year for the first time since 1969, but only 217 were sold. The switches were in the console. The horseshoe auto gear shifter was changed for a conventional design. Side impact beams were strengthened, seat belts improved, and a space-saver spare was offered for the first time since 1969.

The march towards comfort and convenience continued. Tinted glass was bought by 68,254 customers for $39. Color-keyed floor mats attracted 25,749 buyers, body side moldings (30,503), door edge guards (30,046), style trim group (35,930) and vinyl roofs (31,339). Air-conditioning attracted 49,504 buyers at $397, while 25,217 ordered the interior décor and quiet sound package for $35. The Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission was fitted to 79,404 cars and the 2-speed Powerglide was finally discontinued. Power brakes were fitted to 73,913 cars and power steering to 64,424 units. Wire wheel covers attracted 572 buyers, while 25,355 went for bright metal wheel covers.

Hardliners were dwindling: 6,894 bought the wide-ratio 4-speed and 4,494 ordered the close-ratio box. Both cost $200 extra. Positraction found 7,190 buyers and the F41 heavy duty suspension was fitted to 8,322 cars. The special instrument package found 10,335 buyers and 3,802 ordered the heavy duty radiator.

One more color was added for the 1973 Chevy Camaro to make 16 in all, with black and white contrasting stripes available. Colors were not counted but included Antique White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Midnight Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Green-Gold, Midnight Green, Light Yellow, Chamois, Light Copper, Silver, Dark Brown, Dark red Medium Red and Medium Orange.


Standard Equipment
3-Speed Manual Transmission
Bucket Seats
Front Disc Brakes
Optional Equipment
Air Conditioning
Power Brakes
Power Steering
Power Windows
White Sidewall Tires
Additional Info
Vehicle Length: 188.4 in
Wheelbase - Inches: 108 in

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