1992 Cadillac DeVille TS

4dr Sedan

8-cyl. 300cid/200hp MPFI

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Model overview

Model description

1989 was a mid-life refresh for the DeVille series. The car stayed on its C-body front-wheel drive platform, but the surrounding bodywork changed substantially. The Sedan DeVille received three more inches of wheelbase, and both trunk and interior volume were increased. The interiors also got an upgrade in this year, borrowing touches from other automakers. One big change to note was the use of composite materials in the front fenders, which resisted damage better than sheet metal.

Engine power was 155 hp, delivered from a 4.5-liter V-8 engine that used throttle body injection. Power was delivered to the front wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission. 1990 saw the power output raised to 180 hp through the use of port injection. In 1991, engine displacement was raised to 4.9 liters and output rose to 200 hp, where it remained through the end of this model era.

The 1989 DeVille series was also notable as an optional Bose CD player was offered for the first time. Standard stereo remained an AM/FM/cassette deck. New for 1990 was the first use of an anti-theft key with embedded electronics. Optional remote keyless entry and standard anti-lock brakes were added in 1991. The Touring Sedan package was reintroduced for 1992, adding several luxury and performance options to the DeVille line. Also in 1992, buyers could opt for Computer Command Ride – a speed-sensitive automatically adjusting suspension. Computer Command Ride became standard in 1993.

The Coupe DeVille ended its production run with the 1993 model year. The big 2-door was shelved due to declining sales, and 1993 was the last year for the C-body Sedan DeVille. Coupe sales had declined to fewer than 10,000 units by the end of production. After the 1993 model year, the Sedan DeVille was simply called “DeVille.”

Buyers will want to seek out the later years in this era, if only for the increased feature set available – remote keyless entry, anti-lock brakes, speed-sensitive suspension and the Bose CD player, along with the increasing creature comforts inside. Earlier models did not include rear seat air conditioning vents or memory seats. There were numerous appearance packages available throughout this era – let your taste be your guide when selecting those.

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