1970 BMW R75/5


2-cyl. 745cc/50hp

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Model overview

Model description

Bright and beaming, the 1970 BMW R75/5 was the fresh superbike that earned new prestige and buyers and helped to elevate the German brand beyond its cult status. Even with the bulbous tank, the R75/5 had excellent proportions, extending from its 19-inch front wheel to the sleek rear cowling. And it rode as well as it looked, proving both fast and plush on the straights and steady in the corners. Most noticeable of all, the gloom of black with white striping—BMW’s mainstay—yielded to a colorful palette.

Not only was the new /5 series the contemporary expression of good motorcycle design, but it received key technical updates like electric start and a 12-volt electrical system with an alternator. Oversquare with a 82.0 x 70.6 mm bore and stroke, the air-cooled, overhead-valve horizontally opposed twin displaced 745cc and had a compression ratio of 9.0:1. Much of the layout was reversed from the old boxer engines, with benefits of packaging efficiency and improved weight distribution. There were more cooling fins, lower oil temperatures, and higher-pressure oiling. The twin’s 57hp at 6,200 rpm represented a 15hp increase over the R69S, formerly top of the line.

The R75/5 could do 110 mph, and Cycle World recorded a quarter mile in 13.89 seconds, excellent results for a 463-lb bike. A pair of 32mm Bing constant-velocity carburetors was another advance, but the bike still had a four-speed gearbox. Of course, shaft drive was retained. The West Coast price of $1,848 made the R75/5 expensive, but people proved willing spend extra for high quality. BMW was on the way to producing 38,370 units in four years.

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