1965 BMW R69S


2-cyl. 594cc/42hp

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Model overview

Model description

On the way to selling 11,000 copies of their R69S during the 1960s, BMW made few year-to-year changes to the bike. A winning, much sportier formula had been struck in comparison to the previous R69, and there was good reason to stay with it. As Cycle World noted in an early review, the twin-loop steel-tube frame looked “unyielding”, and the “fenders, tank, and the headlight fairing are drawn from heavy gauge steel and are fixed in position with a vengeance.” The depth of the black paint and chrome plating indicated quality.

The 1965 BMW R69S had an air-cooled, overhead-valve horizontally opposed 594cc twin that produced 42hp at 7,000 rpm, thanks to a 72mm x 73 mm bore and stroke and 9.5:1 compression ratio. A stylish pair of fins on the valve cover contributed just a little extra cooling effect, and two 26mm Bing carburetors managed fuel delivery. Improved from the R69, the close-ratio four-speed transmission nevertheless still operated slowly.

The R69S excelled at loping, long-distance travel with a supple ride quality, comfortable saddle, and vibration-free experience. It continued in 1965 with the Earles-type front suspension, which earned contemporary praise for stiffness and for making the steering precise. The driveshaft, which was designed to buffer road shocks, was integrated with the right-side trailing link, a clever design.

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