1972 BMW R60/5


2-cyl. 594cc/40hp

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Model overview

Model description

The 1972 BMW R60/5 earned a lot of praise, particularly for its lithe handling. It could be flicked around in the turns, and clearance had been improved thanks to revisions introduced with the rest of the /5 series two years earlier. Much of the previous engine’s layout had been reversed, with the chain-driven camshaft positioned below the crankshaft. Pushrods to operate the valves ran below the aluminum-alloy, cast-iron-lined cylinder. Not only did the new arrangement improve weight distribution, but also it provided more clearance for the cylinders. There had also been a slight alteration in steering geometry for better high-speed stability. Additionally, the /5 series incorporated electric start and a 12-volt electrical system with an alternator.

The four-speed gearbox had earlier been revised for better acceleration. “Some care was needed to get the bike rolling, thanks to the combination of an aggressive clutch and a tall first gear,” according to Motorcycle Classics. The quickest way to differentiate the R60/5 from the R75/5 was to look for the engraved plaque that ran across the massive crankcase like the sign at a manor house. With a bore and stroke of 73.5 x 70.6 mm, the air-cooled, overhead-valve, horizontally opposed twin displaced 599cc and produced 40hp at 6,600 rpm. The R60/5 stayed with proven 26-mm needle-jet Bing carburetor. One thing missing from the twin-cradle steel frame was sidecar lugs, and in fact BMW would void the warranty if you installed them. Like the larger-displacement bike, the R60/5 weighed 463 lb wet. The least modern aspect was the drum brakes. Otherwise, it was sporty and exciting, comfortable and efficient.

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