1971 BMW R60/5


2-cyl. 594cc/40hp

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Model overview

Model description

The greatness of BMW’s new /5 series extended across a range of three motorcycles, including the 1971 BMW R60/5. Lacking the speed of the larger R75/5, this mid-range offering could nevertheless satisfy on every other account. It was no less sporty, had the same comfort with efficient operation, and of course was built like a small, two-wheeled, beautifully finished tank. It incorporated technical advances that were overdue at BMW, beginning with electric start and a 12-volt electrical system with an alternator. Shaft drive was retained.

The quickest way to differentiate the R60/5 from the R75/5 was to look for the engraved plaque that ran across the massive crankcase like the sign at a manor house. With a bore and stroke of 73.5 x 70.6 mm, the air-cooled, overhead-valve, horizontally opposed twin displaced 599cc and produced 40hp at 6,600 rpm. With the new series, much of the previous engine layout was reversed, with the chain-driven camshaft positioned below the crankshaft. Pushrods to operate the valves also ran below the aluminum-alloy, cast-iron-lined cylinder. Improved weight distribution was one benefit of these steps.

The R60/5 stayed with the proven 26mm needle-jet Bing carburetor, but the four-speed gearbox was revised in 1971 for better acceleration. There was also a slight alteration in steering geometry for better high-speed stability. One big thing that was missing from the black-painted, twin-cradle steel frame was sidecar lugs, and in fact BMW would void the warranty if you installed them. Like the larger-displacement bike, the R60/2 weighed 463 lb wet. The least modern aspect was the drum brakes. Otherwise, it was thoroughly contemporary and certainly had a lot of panache.

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