1972 Ford LTD

2dr Convertible

8-cyl. 351cid/153hp 2bbl

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Model overview

Model description

For the 1969 full-size LTD, Ford’s most expensive model, a sculpted, long, low and wide look was adopted, replacing the blocky look of the 1960s. While the LTD was technically a submodel of the Galaxie 500 series, the car’s plusher interior made it distinct enough that most consumers considered it to be a stand-alone offering. Overall, the LTD had a luxurious presence, and it sold very well.

The LTD’s standard engine was the latest generation of 302 Windsor small-block, generating 220 hp, with the 351 Cleveland small block, 390-cid V-8, and 429 big-block engines also available. Body styles included two- and four-door hardtops, a four-door sedan, and a four-door Country Squire station wagon that carried simulated exterior wood grain trim. Prices went from $3,110 for a sedan to $3,778 for the best-selling wagon.

For 1970, the Ford LTD received a new grille and other slight visual tweaks, as well as a more luxurious Brougham line. The 302 engine was no longer offered on the model and the base engine was changed to the 351-cid V-8 with 250 hp, though the rest of the engine choices were unaltered. The 1971 LTD’s base engine slipped 10 hp, though a 400-cid Cleveland V-8 with 260 hp joined the otherwise unchanged engine roster. Also, a convertible was added to the LTD lineup, making it Ford’s only full-size droptop, and the car’s font end was mildly reworked. Prices were significantly higher than the previous year, with a standard sedan costing $3,931. The LTD continued essentially unchanged for 1972, before a redesign was introduced for 1973.

Ford LTDs from 1969 to 1973 were solid, well-built, comfortable, and quiet. They were also produced in tremendous numbers. Rust took its toll on many of the cars, but for those interested in a full-size Ford, clean and tidy LTDs are not too difficult to find. Most, however carried the less powerful engines, which make big-block examples good finds today.

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