Rides from the Readers: 1954 MG TF

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Today’s featured car is a 1954 MG TF. The TF closed out MG’s run of body-on-frame T-type two-seaters (and was replaced by the MGA). However, rather than the original 1466-cc XPEG four-banger, this TF has the smaller, 1250-cc XPAG engine. Neither is a firebreather, with the former generating 63 horsepower and the latter 57.5 hp. But you don’t buy these open-air Brits for drag races; they’re for puttering around the countryside in horn-rimmed sunglasses.

This particular MG TF belongs to Jim and Barbara Gagnon of New Jersey. Looking for a four-wheeled alternative to their weekend Harley Davidson cruiser, Jim and Barb discovered that an MG TF was a more accessible alternative to a Morgan. Jim bought this cherry red example online, sight unseen, and upon rolling it out of winter storage, embarked upon the familiar rollercoaster ride of classic car ownership.

After an initial scare, in which he accidentally switched on the secondary fuel pump and flooded a carburetor, Jim and his wife enjoyed a chilly spring cruise … until the TF snapped a distributor rotor. From then on, Jim entered the proud ranks of vintage British car owners, merrily ordering a slew of parts to put the TF back in running order. However, like many vehicles in the classic car community, he treasures his ride—independent of its high maintenance demands.

1954 MG TF
courtesy of Jim and Barbara Gagnon
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