Swap to Street Challenge: How do you prepare for a build project on steroids?

I was asked today how I am preparing for the Hagerty “Swap to Street” Challenge project. Well, I don’t have a ’46 Ford to dismantle and reassemble for practice, but the fact that I am working on two other cars simultaneously should keep my automotive multi-tasking on point!

Project one is figuring out a carburetor issue on my 1970 Jaguar XK-E. The primary carburetor (a Stromberg 175) has developed a flooding issue over the past couple of weeks. When decelerating from an “enthusiastic” speed on the highway, or even braking for a stop sign around town, I have been rewarded with a struggling engine and a flood of raw gasoline out of the carburetor throat. After disassembling, cleaning and tweaking the fuel flow area of the carb, I’ve decided it’s a worn needle and seat assembly and/or a bad float. So, waiting on parts. It’s a 10-minute reassembly once they get here, then I can put the carburetor back on the car and see what happens.

Car No. 2 is my ’66 Sunbeam Tiger, which had the passenger side window regulator lock up a few months ago. I had already disassembled the door, removed the glass and regulator, and drilled out the old rivets hiding the winder mechanism. Sure enough, the little bronze gear in there was shot, and all the teeth on the arm were pretty mangled, too. I ordered a rebuild kit, but I still need to install it. There is a rally coming up I’m supposed to use the Tiger in, and because this time of year it could easily be raining, I’d better get that window back in it, as soon as possible. Nothing will ruin your day quicker than soaking-wet rally instructions!

I’m also hoping to do a little research on Flathead Ford V-8s and other specifics of our build.

Less than a week to go!

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