coy a 1984 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Convertible

Storage Lot Gold

I do a lot of looking at impound storage lots and running thru barns and fields, to look for fun projects and new treasures, my wife has another name for it, but we won't discuss that.

Anyway over the years i have found just about everything, from old desert gas stations, to rusty gold in places that i thought there wouldn't be anything.

Like a 1949 Mercury on the side of a seasonal stream, two 1951 ford tudor coupes sitting in the middle of a large rock pile.

But the latest find was as i was out looking for some older RV parts, i ran across this 1984 Pontiac Firebird Auto Form Convertible.

At first i had no idea what it was, then i noticed the pontiac markings, on the dash, 4 wheel disc brakes, dual exhaust and a convertible top shoved in the front seat area.

As i inquired about it, they told me they had no idea why someone would cut up a firebird, to make it a roadster, so they were going to scrap it.

I ask if they would be interested in selling it, and they quickly said YES, just get it out of here, so after getting paperwork signed and processed they said the Jewel was mine, and good luck, that when i pulled up to the gate with the car loaded, they would give me the paperwork folder, he laughed and said we want to make sure it's leaving.....

So why we waited,I took some photos and sent to my son who was near a computer, he quickly responded back stating that it was a GM Auto Form Conversion, and the labels and codes prove it, and that it was a pretty rare find.

So as i loaded it up on the trailer, they brought me out the finished paperwork with a title, which was another surprise.

It's going to need to be restored, and some parts, but most of the major stuff is there.

As i was leaving they said they had more interesting vehicles that were put away waiting for paperwork to clear, and be sure to check back.

So now i have a regular spot to checkout out, every month.

Stay tuned for more.......


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