Ray S 1970 Beetle sedan 1584cc / 57hp

" The Beetle "

Retirement was coming up so I decided I needed a toy. I always liked the Beetle, although I never owned one. My wife liked them, so that was a plus.

One day while searching Hemmings on line, I came across this 1970 Beetle which was located not far from home. My wife and I decided to check

it out and needless to say, we left as proud Beetle owners!

The Beetle had a frame off restoration early in 2000. Repair receipts and photos of the restoration were given to me by the owner, which was very helpful. The car was in great shape but with a lot of waxing and detailing, the car really shines.

The last few years have been great, going to cruises and benefit shows with my wife. All the trophies we've been awarded have added to the pleasure of owning this Beetle. It also brings back memories to those who admire it and we love the thumbs-up as we drive around!

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