frank p 1950 Crosley CD Super 2dr Station Wagon

Crosley 18 wheeler that would fit in most garages.

After high school, I worked evenings at my fathers trucking business in Sharon Hill, PA .I worked in the garage servicing local and over the road trucks and trailers. During the day I went to Philco/Ford technical institute to study automotive technology. Hidden away in one of the garages was this 1950 Crosley custom built but my father and John Giordiano, who owned a truck body company. Together they came up with this mini 18 wheeler. The "cab" is a 1950 Crosley CD. We are not sure, but think is was a pickup truck, although it may have been a station wagon. The trailer was built to scale using full size trailer parts and 2 front axles from 2 other Crosleys. I worked ther in 1972/3 and that was the last I saw and drove it. In 2009 I was talking to Bobby Pinto and he told me where the Crosley was ( about) and that I could have it. I then went and had titles transferred. An internet search showed that Hemmings did a few blog storis on the truck. I went to the salvage yard with a photo of myself in the truck form 1972. I talked to Frank, the owner of the yard and he sad" it's yours, go ahed and take it". NO storage fees, nothing! What a guy.

I now have finished the truck and enjoy showing it. below is an excerpt from a post I placed in a Crosley club magazine.

I often refer back to the Hemmings blog, both part one and two. I read the comments and see photos posted by those who at one time or another, had a chance encounter with this Crosley. There were posts from family members of Biagio Pinto and John Giordano, the builders of this unique truck. Who actually built it seems to be of question in the blog. Nevertheless, It has survived the passing of time. Yes, I was given the truck by my brother, Bobby Pinto, who had it given to him by our Uncle Joe. In my opinion, it was Frank Vatika, who has owned and operated Absolute Auto Salvage since its founding in 1983, who saved it. He is a friend of Bobby who offered to keep the 18 wheeler at his salvage yard. It is my understanding, it was moved there around 1984 or 1985. For a short time it was kept in a building or shed. That structure had to be demolished so the truck and trailer were moved outside. The covering eventually succumbed to weather and time. When I first went to Absolute to see the truck, the blue ropes and few remnants of the cover remained. Long time employees of the yard had many stories to tell me. “Almost every day someone wanted to buy it” I was told numerous times. “ I cannot believe that after all these years it is leaving us” said the forklift driver loading the trailer onto our open trailer to move it to my friends shop in Maryland. As I am writing this, I think of how many people had a part in saving this vehicle. Each, I think, understood there was something special about it. Perhaps the size? The look? The history? We will never know, but they did. Here are a few facts as I personally know them.

1- I first saw and drove the Crosley in 1972 at Pinto Trucking in Sharon Hill PA

2- The rear end went out just before the filming of 5 trailers being pulled by 1 tractor.

3- I mentioned to Sam ( the mechanic) we could fit an MG rear under it, and he did.

4- I drove it on the lot on some Saturdays.

5- When Pinto Trucking closed, it was move to Absolute Auto Salvage in Middlesex NJ.

6- My brother Bobby Pinto had title to the truck and trailer.

7- Bobby gave it me with the understanding I would keep it in the family.

8-Bobby wants to drive it when finished.

9- I went to Absolute in 2009 to see the Crosley for the 1st time in years.

10 I moved the “cab” to South Philly in 2011

11- Started work on it in the small garage 2012

12- November of 2013 I moved the cab to a friends blacksmith shop in Maryland

13- May of 2014 I moved the trailer from Middlesex NJ to Maryland

14- Now it is November of 2016 and it is finished.

15- As of the time of this post, the truck is finished.

Frank Pinto

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