james k 1981 Chevrolet Citation X-11 2dr Hatchback

It's An X-11 Thing........You Wouldn't Understand!

Everyone has their dream car, whether your a 10 year old kid or a 40 year old man, my dream car has always been a Citation X-11. I first laid my eyes on one of these cars back in 1993 when i was around 17 years of age when my best friend bought one for $500 i think. The car was a 1981 Citation X-11, HO V6, 4-speed. I fell in love with this car as soon as i saw it the first time. Seeing it was one thing, but riding in it was a real thrill. The power this car had for being a v6 was quite impressive. A few years later i got the opportunity to purchase this car from my buddy, which i gladly did with no queston or thought. I purchased the car for $400 and drove around like i was on top of the world.

Little did i know that that world would come crashing down on me one sat afternoon when i was hit head on by someone that was trying to beat traffic. Car was totaled and i was devestated. I took the accident very hard, even though i was ok, my beloved dream car was not.

So here we are 23 years later, it's 2016 and i'm scrolling through facebook on a private club page called Chevrolet Citation X-11 and GM X body Only fan page, and i decided to post that i was looking for any citations or X-11's for sale. So for you that don't know, the X-11 is the sport version package chevrolet had included on the citation. They only made the citation and the citation X-11 between the years of 1980 and 1985. They only made 20,000 total of the X-11 version between those years and out of those 20,000, their are only around 60 in existence that i have accountability for. How do i know you ask, well i started a locator map that is currently hanging on my bedroom wall that i posted on the Citation club page that if anyone owns, or knows someone that owns, or knows where one is, to message me city and state of those cars. as of right now i have around 54 X-11's located and around 23 regular citations both 2-door or 4-doors.

To my surprise, i recieved a response from a gentleman from Canada that he had one he was wanting to sell if i was interested. I messaged him back that i was interested and asked him to send me some pictures if he could. He messaged me back with about 5-6 pictures and it was love at first sight, just like back in 93. He said the car is in excellent condition, that is was kept in an insulated temp. controlled garage, had around 45,000 original miles, ran and drove great. So we messaged each other, and finally agreed on a meeting middle ground for both, since he was making a trip to California, he could meet me in Denver, Colorado. April 15th was a day i'll never forget.

I asked a good buddy of mine if he would be interested in making a road trip, he said sure. So my wife, my buddy and his fiance', and i borrowed a truck, i rented a two wheeled car dolly, and off we went to get my SECOND version of my dream car!!

Once we got into the Denver area, we came into a major snowstorm, but i was determined that NOTHING was going to stop me at this point.

I can't describe the feeling i felt when i first laid eyes on the car, she was burnt orange, with white letter tires, i felt the tears dwelling up as i gazed at her, saying to myself, "is this a dream, is this really happening"?

She was a 1981 chevrolet citation x-11, 2.8L HO v6, 4-speed, 45,000 original miles, mint interior, near mint exterior( has a few little bubble spots in the paint), original engine and transmission. She was manufactured in Willow run Michigan for the Canadian consumer.

Since i bought the car in april, i have entered her in 5 car shows in which i have recieved awards from 4 of the 5 shows, including, top 10 in class, class winner, 2nd in class, and a very honorable Goin Like Heck award. This is an award from a local gentleman by the name of Larry Frees who drove and built a gold 55' chevy gasser with a matching 55' chevy car hauler.

I plan to continue to enter my dream car in alot more shows in the future and would love for her to be published in the Hagerty magazine for everyone to enjoy!

Oh and on a side note, none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for my loving wife, who agreed for me to purchase this fine overlooked vehicle.

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    Terry Lewis Winston Salem NC January 1, 2017 at 11:34
    Great story, Jim. I should do a write-up, too about my 2 X-11's
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    Alan New York February 14, 2017 at 18:47
    One of the 60 here. Also lots of attention due to rarity. Keep the awards coming !

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