Anthony V 1922 Ford Model T 3dr Touring

Staten Island Gatsbys!: Reliving the 20s'

A Childhood dream come true! In 2013, I purchase a 1922 Ford Model T Touring on Ebay and that's all it took before I got the bug. With doing research on how The Model T put America on Wheels to the Car that changed the world....I started collecting anything related to the Model T and the 20s'. I joined the Staten island Antique Region car club and started attending car shows and wanted to be different since the Car drew so much attention. We started buy 1920s outfits and props and we dressed the part, from 20s gangsters to 20s Gatsbys! Then in 2015 I purchased a 20s camper that hitched onto the Model T and displayed it at one of our car shows in Sept 2016 along with all the 20s camping items and it truly made a spectacular sight! We loved the history behind it and on how families were so close back them with them traveling all together and camping out in the woods and just enjoying life with no worries, no cellphones, no computers, etc......I believe in preserving the History of The Model T Ford!

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