Carol W 1973 Ford Pinto 2dr Sedan

My Pinto Story

When I was 17 years old, my dear Father taught me how to drive a stick shift on our families Ford Pinto.

I fell in love with the car!

It was "root beer brown" and it took me all over LA and Orange County to practice ice dancing at various rinks. The year was 1975, and the news came out about the exploding gas tanks. My dear Dad, put a fire extinguisher on the floor of the passenger side of the vehicle. After months of driving around with it rolling around the floor, the pin had come loose and upon hitting the breaks in traffic one day, it shot a small load off in the front of the car!!! Imagine my surprise!

Another thing about Dad, was he was Scottish and quite the penny pincher. He bought retreads for tires, and as I drove home from skating practices, I would hear the "thunk thunk thunk" of the retreads coming apart. But when I stopped, the noise would stop, so what did I know at 17 years old? I drove it until until they fell apart!

My parents sold the car. Now I'm grown up and they are gone. I wanted a classic 70's car to work in Film and TV. I found a garage-kept survivor! It matched my original Pinto!!! This car reminded me of my youth, my parents and my love of cars... Everywhere we go, she gets a thumbs up from other drivers. At car shows people laugh and say, "OMG, I didn't think there were any Pinto's left"! I even have the original Ford recall letter for the gas tank repair.

She's a cutie! I can't disclose the film productions she's worked on, for confidential concerns. But I would love to share my Pinto story.

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