Dennis F

Little Red

The day we bought her, January 6 1970 was chilly and damp. I remember the first time I saw her on the used car lot. Beautiful in her shiny red coat with red-striped Firestone Wide Ovals--my first car. My Dad had tired of me driving his old pickup to school, so we paid $750 for her. I drove her the remainder of my high school years, all through college and into the Army. She survived several girlfriends, fraternity nights, and even a failed marriage. When I left for Europe, I left her with my Dad for he and my brothers to take care of. I knew I would get her back some day. That day came 18 years later in 1992. She had not been taken care of. Cancer (rust) had set in due to neglect and her overall condition was not good. I started taking care of mechanical issues while driving her in California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. When I was sent overseas again, I placed her in storage until I could get her to a stable environment suitable for restoration. That opportunity came in 2007 following retirement from the Army and settling down in North Carolina. We built a house with a three car garage just so she could have her own protected place to rest. After getting a new motor in 2014, she went to the restoration shop in 2015. I expect her to come out better than new in another month or so--she will return as an SS. Will post those photos when she gets back home.

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