Bill W 1969 Samco Cord

My Samco Cord story

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sports Automobile Manufacturing Company — SAMCO — a

company launched by Bill Lear of LearJet, produced Cord replicas in the late 1960s. There were two

models, Warrior and Royale.using fiberglass bodes and many Ford parts. The Warrior had a Ford 302 and the Royale had a Chrysler motor Some 400 were produced. These cars were not a kit car but a true production car There were 400 produced/

I am 83 years old and when I was young I always wanted a Cord. But the older I got the more

expansive the Cord became. So I could never afford one.

Just a little over a year ago I finally heard of the Samco Cords.

Having reasonable funds I started searching for a Samco Cord that I could afford. But every time one

came up for sale it went fast I finally located one outside Boston. It needed lots of mechanical and coachwork but everything was there and original. The good news was that the important items like chrome, lights, dash,boot,and body were very good and price was right.I purchased it on pictures alone and shipped it home to Florida. Had lots of

interesting fun having the repairs done and determining what and who made various parts. Most parts were Ford,

including lots of Mustang parts, but the front brakes were Chrysler. Also the front leaf springs were replaced with unknown coil springs and unknown front end parts.After looking at the botched up job someone did on the steering, we decided to put in a rack and pinion steering. After trying five different setups we finally found one that would fit after building new frame mounts and cutting away some frame.I did a lot of homework on the Samco production and history to bring about the restoration. If any of you out there need some help with a Samco Cord, just let me know.The car a real stopper. People ask what it is and want to take photos of it all the time and I get lots of

high signs. It’s a great car to drive with the 302 Ford engine, Cruiseamatic, power brakes and rack and

pinion steering.

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