Maurice A 2008 Cadillac SRX 4dr 2wd 3.6 liter

!970 LS1Chevelle vs.!970 Camaro z28

My story is more about 2 dream cars I wish I had, so to the point because they are both my dream cars and more than likely even if they were not I'd sti;ll know the difference between the 2 cars but your a insurance company who you would think they'd know the difference , But unfortunety you don't and why I say that and believe me I've rewound my dvr its obvious you guys should do a quality check of what your gonna run possibly world wide an at least in the Usa but you call a 1970 Camaro z28 an 1970 LS1 chevelle check your commercial if you don't believe me LOOOOOOOOLim pretty sure i'm not the only one that caught your blooper ,you should give me some free insurance for doing Quality Control better than the idiot that approved that commercial playing at least in Florida where I'm from

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