william f 1960 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

1960 Corvette Pilot Line Car vin #2,

For the year 1960, gm experimented with aluminum heads, with fuel injection that developed 315hp, that block code is suffixed CZ.

The experiment didn't work and what exactly happened to those pilot line cars, no one seems to know.

I own 00867S100002 the second car built for the decade of the 60's.

My engine and cast iron heads are dated august 1959.

I am told there were anywhere from 2 to 46 cars built.

The Corvette Black Book makes reference to the CZ

I bought the car not knowing if it was a "real car" and have since found more evidence that it is.

There correct stamping is on the top rail of the frame and I have the vin tag.

The engine stamping appears original and everything, including lifters, pistons and heads point to a high horsepower car.

The complete restoration is well underway, the running rolling frame and driveline are complete.

Some say the car was all white with red interior, some say all white with no red except for door panels and seats.

Also no wipers, radio, heater, dash pad or rugs.

There is evidence of a white interior, perhaps.

So, what next? I have asked and pestered many of the experts, collectors and museums and posted ads in the Flint, Michigan and St. Louis Newspapers.

Someone must be able to tell me accurately what to do.

I have a 1973 New York Registration on the windshield and know that owner lived in or around Horseheads, New York.

If I can get this restoration finished correctly and documented, it would answer many questions, add to judging information and get a little closer to a really closed off chapter of the 1960 Corvette.

Looking for answers,

Bill Fortune

Fort Myers, Florida

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