John C 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 2dr Hardtop Coupe

When it was meant to be . . .

This is a story of "meant to be" and "one lucky guy"! A friend of mine told me about a cache of classic muscle cars stored at a place not far from my house in here in Las Vegas early last year. As they were in a public but secured place, I was able to look over the cars and determine, among other cars, there was a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. Both seemed in reasonable shape, but look like they had been sitting for years in there spots! I asked the proprietor of the shop if he had the name and contact info of the owner. He said he did, but because of privacy rules, could not let me have them. So being a collector of classic cars, I told him that if the owner ever wants to sell, to let me know. Well wouldn't you know it, late last year, the owner contacted me about the vehicles and we had a good discussion about them. It was clear that with what he wanted for all of them, I would never be able to afford them all, but the two I mentioned above might be within reach. So, I forwarded via email (he lived in the Southeast US) my offers and the justification for those offers. But then . . . nothing. Never heard back, never heard that he got the email . . . nothing!! So I thought that perhaps I had insulted him with my offers and went about my business thinking they'd be going to someone else.

But the cars remained, so perhaps someone local bought them and just left them there. Until one day earlier in April this year, I get a call. It's the owner asking if I'd like to come look closer at the cars and talk about my offer. He explained why he had not been able to get back to me (and I found out part of the reason was my fault). So I looked over the cars more closely and found them to be in decent shape, but definitely needing some work to get them roadworthy and bodies right. And although he said he could not accept my original offer, his counter was reasonable enough to agree to the deal for the two cars I most wanted!

So now they are in the hands of my son and I who have a collection of cars (feel free to look at our Facebook page, The Cole Car Collection) that we love to work on. It's amazing - just when you think there's no chance, the chance comes along, and you're able to get the kinds of cars that you'd always wanted. And so the cars that may never have been, became the cars that were "meant to be be".

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