Roger C 1963 Ford Falcon Futura 2dr Hardtop Coupe

The beginning of a LONG collection

It's 1963. A very good year for cars and music. I am about to graduate from high school. I had sold my first car (A 1953 Ford) and needed a newer car. (According to my father) He was going to 'Help' me buy a car, but it had to match HIS idea of a good car. At one point he took me to the local Ford dealer where he had bought his last few new cars. We were looking at all the used cars on the lot. My dad pointed out a Corvette but I knew the moment he found out what it was he would squash the idea of me having a car like that. Also it was dirty and white and lacked 'pizzazz'. They had just taken in a '63 Falcon Futura that had a great color (Desert Rose. A rather rare color.) It had black bucket seats and A FOUR ON THE FLOOR! A neat fast back roof line. It was sharp. It only had a 170 c.i. six, but I knew he would love that. No decision was made as everything I REALLY liked, he found something wrong with it.

A couple weeks later it is my birthday and after I graduate I will be commuting a few miles to college. I NEED a car. He sends me to the garage to get something and there in the garage is that '63 Futura!! (Never found out how he got it into the garage without my seeing!) A year later I joined the service and the car went on blocks because we were not allowed to bring a 'private vehicle' to basic training, and there was no time to go home and drive across country before tech school in Mississippi.

After tech school I was stationed in Sacramento for a year. I used to go to the drag races every Sunday, and did pretty well in my class because of the 4 speed. Just enough of a low gear to pull hole shots on the other cars in my class. I had read in Hot Rod magazine about an Offenhauser tri-power set up for those motors. (Difficult because the intake was cast as part of the head. You could not just bolt on ANY carburetor , it took machine work. I really wanted to add some stuff to the engine because there was always one car I could not beat when we ran time brackets. One day I got orders transferring me to Anchorage, Alaska. I figured it was now or never! I took the car to the base hobby shop and had it bored,put in bigger valves, milled the head, added the tri-power and had to make headers. Got it done, broke it in on a visit to my folks in southern California, and when passing back through Sacrament, went to the drags that last Sunday. I only raced that one Olds with the big V-8 (He was in my bracket because of the weight differential) and CREAMED him!!

Fast forward a bunch. Since then I have had over 50 1963 Falcons. Rancheros, Sprints, Futuras, Wagons, Sedan Deliveries and a few convertibles. At the moment I have five in my garages here in Mazatlan, Mexico. I LOVE these little cars. (I have also had a half dozen or so Mustangs between a 1964 1/2 (Build number 1,283) through 1966. It's the same car!

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