Lee S 1987 Buick Regal T-Type Turbo 2dr Coupe

History repeats itself

Back in 1989, my brother and I were lucky enough to have had a father who was, not only trusting enough, but generous enough to buy us a set of 5.0 Ford Mustang LX's. His ride at that time was an 87 Buick Grand National. As a sixteen year old kid, I was only used to the Mustang and its immediate power off the line. So, the first time I took out the GN and mashed the throttle, I wound up taking up almost three lanes with a massive fishtail compliments of turbo lag and massive torque. He wound up selling his GN in 1991, and I have missed that car ever since. I wound up finally selling my beloved Stang in 1998 to help pay for a 98 Camaro SS.

Having missed my Mustang since the day I sold her, in 2010 I finally decided to 're-live' my youth and picked up a 93 SSP Mustang 5.0 that was completely stock and in the same shape it was the day it was auctioned off by Florida Highway Patrol. Over the next few years I fixed it up with some help from my own set of teenage boys. After it was running and looking in top shape, I sold the Camaro in 2015 and replaced it with an 87 Buick T Type. Back in the day I always appreciated the 'sleeper' quality of the T, plus, for some reason, I always wanted a white one. My months-long search for a good buy made me realize that I like grey as much as white, and I wound up picking up a low mileage, grey stocker. After bringing it home, and taking my Dad out in it, he immediately told me to find him one. I didn't have to ask him why. I knew the minute he heard that turbo whine, he would want to 're-live' his earlier years as well. During my search, I located an even cleaner and lower mileage 86 T Type but wasn't thrilled with the color. He wound up buying it and has since gifted it to me for my older son. Once that happened, I felt it only appropriate to earmark the Stang for my younger son.

Even though it was a Dad and two sons with two Mustang LX's and one Turbo Buick back in the day, history has repeated itself for me and my two sons with one Mustang LX and two Turbo Buicks. In the original photo, I am the one in front of the white Mustang Hatchback......in the current photo, I am the old man in the back.

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