Dave K 1972 Buick Riviera 2dr Sport Coupe

The Boattail tale

Ever since I was a six year old boy, I loved the Boattail Riviera! My father had a co worker who came to visit with a Vintage red 1971 Buick Riviera. I was drawn to this huge Shapley American cruiser. Staring and studying every line, it was the beginning of a life long passion. My folks moved to Long Island the following year. I never saw that 71 again. When I was all of thirteen I starting searching the back roads and papers for a Boattail. I found one about fifteen miles away!

So my pals and I set out for a long bike ride.

We made it to the car and I had that same feeling once again. I was drawn to this car like magnetism. I was in love with the car and had to have one. I stopped to see my Father at work on the ride home.

He told me we would go back that weekend.

Which we did and the car was not quite good enough after my Father checked it out. The best mechanic I have ever met by the way.

I was sad to hear that but trusting his knowledge I was still set to find another Riv.

The next year I grabbed the paper and found a 1972 in the Connecticut area. We hopped on the ferry and checked her out.

The Riv was at an old used car lot under a faint street light . As we pulled up I knew that this was mine. All the while my Father had no clue I was carrying the whole $1,000.00 asking price in my pocket. I saved every cent I made working at the local general store. This was October of 1994 I was fourteen and the owner of a fine vintage Buick Riviera Boattail.

I had to wait a week for my Father to take a day off from work to drive the Riv home.

All my pals were waiting in suspense with me for my Riv to make a grand entrance up the long dirt driveway, after school. This was before cell phones . We had a round about eta and my Father came rumbling up the dirt driveway with a dust trail behind the car. A day I will remember as long as I live. My friends had never seen one my father had a big grin upon his face, and so did I . We cleaned her up and I learned the ropes of tuning, repairing and maintenance of these beautiful cars.

I knew the car from top to bottom in no time flat. Once I got my permit I was able to drive beyond our 500 foot driveway and on the open road. We drove that Riv to school, all over the east end of Long Island for seven years until I sold her for a super clean 1972 Riv from east hamton . I again loved this second Riv with a certain amount of enthusiasm. I was forced to sell that Beauty when I came across some hard times. I had been without a Boattail for some eight years , which was like missing a part of my

Soul. I now have my third 1972 Boattail Riviera which is never being sold, ever! I found this awesome Riv in Connecticut as well. This third Riv is a true Southern California unrestored gem which is numbers matching.

Nutmeg with Saddle interior and a Brown vinyl top. The side spear trim, front bumper guards and cornering lights are awesome. The 455 is in great shape , the underside of this car is super clean and drives like a cloud. I have only thrown on some

Loud mufflers. I go to many cruise nites and car shows all over the Island with my two boys. They are gear heads too.

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    DG Cayse Tainan R.O.C. June 19, 2016 at 19:16
    Beautiful car and great story. We had a couple of Riv's as I was growing up. '66 & a 1968 that had the most fantastic dash that looked like a starcruiser.

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