Bry G 1962 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova 400 2dr Convertible

A True Survivor Love Story

I bought this Nova from the original 95-year-old owner named John Daly, who is now 98-years-old. Well in talking with him, he told me the following story of why he bought this convertible in the first place. This car was build 3 week Nov.1961 and was the 460th one down the assembly Line.

It was Christmas Eve 1961 when John went to the local dealership, Hulac Chevrolet in Omaha, Nebraska, and this car was sitting on the showroom floor. (The dealer trunk logo plate is still on the car! I also learned that back in 1962 it only cost $1 for a title!) So, John bought the car and hid it in his backyard behind the garage. When his wife got home, he asked her if she heard a noise coming from the backyard, and when they went out back to see, there was her surprise Christmas present. At this time John was around 46, and his wife 43.

He is 99 now to the best of my knowledge. This Survivor Is around 90% Original.It car was build 3 week Nov.1961 and was the 460th one down the assembly Line. and cost $1.00 To title it in 1961.

Everything works drives and runs wonderful. Has 51 K I'm very lucky to take care of this

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    dave heslop Alberta,Canada August 22, 2016 at 21:57
    Great car! My wife and I just bought a red 62 Acadian Beaumont convertible from an older gentleman who had owned it for 35 years. He is 83 and is health not so good so he decided to sell it. It is very similar to your Nova. Low mileage and well taken care of. Very nice.

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