WEASEL S 1966 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

coast 2 coast with sand in hand or feet? also in hair...

Port A,texas, sping break 1987, little rough gto, great powertrain

bad on the left, excellent on the right..blue/black top/grey hood/real 242

anyways, drove down the coast line sand on the left side no attension until I turned Betsey around, Oh! what a reaction..GO, GO GTO RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SAND JUST A FLYING..kind of, then later that night, me and a friend passed out around mid night and I had my new radio plugged into the battery instead of fusebox, and I kept hearing loud music, I tried over an over to turn it off to no prevail,danm, I gotta get out and disconnect the battery or dead the next day or whatever...there was a dude sitting on my hood wit a boombox on my hood, dude, what are you doing on my f u car? man, its like this is a GTO and nobody wasa round, so,...he didn't know we were passed out IN the car, I just said Go 4 it and crashed all over again True story

then, we left the next day with sand on the hood back to san Antonio 200 miles away

surprizongm the sand lasted a 100 miles, it took me a month 2 get all the sand out and I did have a perfect interior

I need a beer

Smoking, Weasel


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