Jerry L 1951 Ford Custom 2dr Convertible

Found a replacement

In 1960 my brother found a 1951 Ford Convertible for Sale (First Attachment) and traded it to me to upgrade my old 1951 Ford Sedan (Second Attachment). I was seventeen at the time and I transformed it to look like the (Third Attachment) much to my older Brothers dis-like.

The Convertible provided me with many good times cruising, local hangouts and transportation to High School, etc. After High School, I joined the Navy and left it sitting on blocks in the front yard. A few months later I came home to take it to my Duty Station in the California Bay Area. On the way after just crossing the Oregon/California Border I was stopped by the California Highway Patrol. I asked why I was being stopped and the Officer stated because of my young age, out of State License Plates and being out in the early morning hours. The Officer walked around my car and stated he was issuing a citation for the Lake Pipes being connected in front of the mufflers. The pipes were not open at the time however we used to open them up in my home town when traveling through a Railroad Underpass coming into town. There was always a Patrol Officer at the exit shaking his fist at me. After getting all situated at the Duty Station, I corrected the California Highway Patrol violation and forfeited $10.

During my time in the Navy, I was having trouble with the car and my Brother again offered to trade a 1958 Ford for my 1951 Ford Convertible. We made the trade and that was the last I saw of the Convertible. My Brother sold it to a young man in Huntington Beach, California. That was 52 years ago.

I often thought of the 1951 Ford Convertible and in my later years started searching for it with no luck. Then one day in July, 2012, I saw one for sale in the California Central Valley, (Fourth Attachment). It was the same year and model and in stock condition. After driving my Wife crazy about needing to have it she finally relinquished and we bought it. It is the maroon 1951 Ford in the (Fourth Attachment).

It was manufactured in Chester, Pennsylvania, production date December 1951 and was originally painted Alpine Blue. There were three previous owners. I am still trying to find the original owner. I am the fourth person to own it. The vehicle was in poor condition and in the need of much work. It was never restored, just painted before coming into my possession. Since 2012 we have been in the process of restoration bringing it back to same (Fifth Attachment) as the one I had when I was 17 The only real difference from the two Convertibles, is the color, my first one was a FordOMatic Transmission, second is a Three Speed with Overdrive. 1951 was the first year Ford introduced the Automatic Transmission.

The vehicle is currently in the Upholstery process; they are doing everything as the original Factory condition. We hope to have it by the end of January and I can provide finished photos of bringing back my 1951 Ford Convertible to life. Johnathan Stein did a previous story for my 1953 Dodge Pickup that belonged to my Dad.

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