Denis l 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 2dr Fastback Coupe

Rare 1968 Ford XL GT 390 4 V 4 spd

I am the second owner of this beautiful & rare 68 Ford XL GT 4 spd. According to the Marti Report Ford only built 141 Z code 390 4 spd cars & only 8 were painted Highland Green. Mine was also one of 2 that got a factory Tach. The car had one repaint in 06 & now has 73k miles. The interior is all original, undercarriage & under the hood as well. I owned a 68 Galaxie 500 when I turned 16 & beat it hard. Fast forward 35 years & finally got another but a lot rarer.I love this car & it is going to stay in my family for a long time.


Denis from Ontario canada

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