Ron T 1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 2dr Convertible

Find of a lifetime

A friend of mine told about this "old vw" in a barn and had been there for nearly 30 yrs. latter the friend took me to the womans home and showed where the barn and car were suposed to be. It took three nights to dig the doors open so we could get our first look at what turned out to be a 1958 Ghia vert,all original except for a bad head lamp bucket and sheet metal around it. It had no engine but i hooked up a 6 volt battery and everything worked,lights , German radio,and turn signals. I rebuilt all the running gear,brakes,steering,fuel lines, Next was to rebuild and detail the 36 H P engine we found with the right numbers,spent one winter in a great body shop, then off to a top shop where a complete new original cloth top was installed. Many of the chrome items were replated triple chromed. New Firestone bias ply ,wide white walls from Coker were installed on repainted two tone rims. Early pictures can be seen on "THE SAMBA" web site under the line "Spotted while driving" 58 Ghia vert. To date it is the only 58 Ghia Vert regestered in Ohio which may change. A Dayton,Ohio dealer, MOTOR IMPORTS (now gone)sold it to the man I bought it from ALONG WITH ALL THE MANUALS AND PAPER WORK.. A GREAT WORK STILL IN PROGRESS RKT

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