Matthew C 1962 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 2dr Coupe

Karmelina - Love at first sight

Hi all I'm Matthew Camilleri from the island of Malta. My car is a 1962 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (type 14) which I've imported from the UK in October 2014.

I've always loved cars and motorcycles. From a young age I used to go with my father at local Hill Climbs, Static car and motorcycle shows. It was our weekly Sunday appointment. The more I saw cars and the older I was getting the more I realized that I wanted an old car in the near future.

My story is a bit funny because you can say it was love at first sight. Months before I bought my car, a friend of mine and air-cooled enthusiast, posted a photo on Facebook of his friend's Karmann Ghia, and when I laid my eyes on those curves the first thing I said to myself was "I want this car!" I didn't even know what make and model the car was but I wanted it!

A few seconds after seeing the post, I did some research on the car and I was already looking online to have an idea how much I was going to spend sooner or later, apart from eBay I did some other searches and came across After I’ve done my homework well, my search criteria was:

• A pre 64’ model (50+ years of age) so that the registration is free but also because it’s much nicer than the 70s

• A right hand-drive so I won’t find difficulty in driving it on Maltese roads

• Had to be from the UK so that shipping cost is less expensive

• Restored so that I can drive it right away

• A coupe not a convertible

After two months with a daily appointment on ‘thesamba’, there was this new classified ad car entry. A 62’, recently restored with a beautiful two-colour combo, lowered and from the UK, and there and then I knew she was the one! I contacted the guy right away and started our conversation towards a smooth transaction. I didn't have any money saved back then but I didn't care about it much as it was either buying it by getting a loan or keep on moaning about wanting it . It’s that moment when your want turns into a need.

I would describe my car as a restored 1962' VW Karmann Ghia with lowered front beam and adjustable spring plates at the rear. What I mostly love about my car is the timeless design with an air-cooled engine hissing at the back. The old adverts of the car are awesome too, one in particular goes like this: "the VW Karmann Ghia is the most economical sports car you can buy…it’s just not the most powerful", in my opinion this was a very good honest advert as it showed that this model, wasn't going to offer the same speed as other sports cars had at the time but it was surely going to be an economical, reliable, lovely designed and easy to maintain. It was the people's car with a nicer body. The most beautiful VW ever made.

This car is my Sunday ride and I love driving it wherever there is no potholes and speed bumps so unfortunately Malta is not very practical but hopefully it will get better, so at the moment I just enjoy it when I arrive at my destination, once I am parked and having a chilled drink next to it or just looking at it sitting in the garage. I do graphic design for a living so I love everything that is lovely designed, I also love motorcycles and just before I bought the Ghia I bought myself a 75' Honda CB750 which was my dream bike since I was a small kid, I’ve also imported the bike from the UK. Some other information about the car is that in 2014 it was on display in Ninove, Belgium for Freddy Files and Volksworld show later on in Surrey, London.

I've also done a Facebook Profile entirely for the car which I’ve given the name of Karmelina, The main reason behind this was to be able to tag her wherever we go to and frequently share photos of her nicely curved body but also to serve as a lovely journal.

Hope you enjoyed this article :)

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