James P 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 2dr SportsRoof

We need go no further.......

When I turned 16 my parents told me that any money I saved up toward a car they would match when the time came to get a car, By February 1974 I had saved up a little over $1500, dad said let's ride out to the Ford dealer a see whats on the lot. I was in a daze what would I wind up with. After a few minutes drive we arrived at one of two Ford dealers in town. We parked close to the dealership, I got out and started down the closest row of cars, after about five or six cars, there it was; dad we need go no further. It was a 1973 lime/gold Mustang Mach 1 smiling back at me. I first checked the sticker price before I got my hopes up, $3390 just a little over my budget. I took up a guarding stance by the car and told my dad Pleeeeeease. After some wheeling and dealing we got the car for $3100 cash. That was 41 years ago and I still have my Pride & Joy, sleek and shiny it still turns heads at red lights.

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