Doug P 1961 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Smiles per Gallon

Had a 61 in high school as a drivers ed car and thought it would be neat to have it again but didn't realize how great this car this car would be

as a bubbletop !! Had to sell my motorcycle and a 68 chevelle to get this. Come to find out i found it in my home town about 8 miles away , been in a garage for years so had work to do. Now i get choice awards each time i attend a car show, even got best of show at one! I rebuilt the 348with a 409 400hp thumper comp cam and roller lifters ,added oversize stainless valves ,bored .010, Holly 650, roller timing chain with hi-volume oil pump, new everything inside the motor. New 4 core radiator and a 700r4 transmission with one piece driveshaft , other than that car is pretty stock except added front disc brakes , 15" Eagle rims. When they ask what kinda mileage i get i say i get "smiles per gallon", they all agree. Left the loud mufflers on and with the big cam pulling into the show site everyone looks and asks what's in that, it sounds great. Then they wait for me to park and open the hood.. All those little things add up to pure joy and make me feel young all the while i'm in it, I'm sure my son will love it in years to come too..

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