Brett L 1969 Chevelle Malibu

69 Chevelle found under cover at Storage Auction

I used to frequent the storage auction scene years before all those storage wars shows became popular on TV. One bright sunny day I found myself at such an auction. The storage unit door rolled up and lo and behold there was something buried underneath a car cover. (Picture the rear of a car cover surrounded by junk pianos, rolls of carpet, misc. boxes and just plain storage junk). All of us potential buyers salivating at the thought of what might lay beneath the car cover. Getting down on my hands and knees (Storage rules dictate that you cannot touch or enter the doors threshold) I peered under the car and discovered that the tranny had spilled its guts all over the storage unit floor. All the other hungry storage people followed suit getting their clothes dirty as they lay on their belly's to view the oil soaked floor. It was this act that more than likely enabled me to win the auction. Seeing the oil scarred most of the people away from the mystery that lay above. Being a car guy myself I knew that this was a good sign that the car may actually have an engine in it. I also recognized the outline of the car cover and was quite confident that the mystery car cover held a GM "A" body. My hands were sweaty at the time the bidding started but I was fully committed to bringing home whatever lay beneath the pile of rubble. I was quite surprised when the bidding stopped at $1,300 and there I stood with my hand in the air. I quickly paid the auctioneer after he assured me that all paperwork would be in order.

It was quite a chore removing all the junk that lay everywhere surrounding my precious find. As soon as enough of the rabble was removed so that I could enter the unit I squeezed myself up along the drivers side door and lifted the car cover. I was excited and disappointed at the same time as my eyes came in contact with a somewhat worn mint green interior. My excitement grew upon further inspection through the closed window. The drivers seat was worn but the remainder of the interior was in excellent original condition. Even the headliner looked like it was new!

Upon returning with a car hauler I slid the car out and got a real good look at my 1969 Chevelle Malibu. Once again I was excited because I had wanted a Chevelle just like my buddy had when we were in high school 35 years ago ever since his burned up in a fire. It was even the same color combo as he had had. The paint was faded and there were a couple small patches of rust forming but other than that it looked real good. I excitedly opened the hood and was shocked to find a perfectly preserved factory original 350 without a speck of grease. I hurriedly rushed to the odometer to find that it read 29K and change original miles. After acquiring the title and doing some research I discovered that sure enough it had been in storage since 1980 and was purchased on December 31st 1969. In those short 10 years of being on the road the original owner was only able to put 29K miles on her.

I had the body professionally repainted in a gloss black and kept the mint green interior all original except for the seat upholstery and door panels that were discolored from age. A new set of Black Cragar wheels and some BFG T/A's and she rides just like she did when brand new. I am the proud 2nd owner of a beautiful American classic!

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