Jay P Plymouth roadrunner 1969

Remember the days

1970 looking for my first car after cutting lawns for past 2 years and saving my money, growing up in a divorced home I new that was the only way I would get the car I wanted.a 1968 dart first came up ,but at last minute the deal was sold from under me. On for the hunt I found a 1969 Plymouth road runner came up so off I went to look. There she was, a black beauty,440 six pack sporting craiger wheels,lift off hood and a 410 Dana rear,love at first sight. The owner was asking 1500 dollars,right in my budget,took her for a ride and the rest is history. I drove her all through high school in Philadelphia and till 1980 had nothing but fun.In 1981got married and moved to fl. Selling the car before moving,biggest mistake of my life,missed the heck out of her,spent many hrs looking through photo's of her and after having 2 sons showing them photo's and telling them many stories about her and all the good times. The boys have now grown up working with me in are construction co and have told me many times stop talking about her,you can afford a car go buy one. I told them for my 60 birthday I was going to find a car just like my old one. Off I went looking thru adds, Craig's list etc. one evening I found what I believed might be my new. Car. I spoke to the owner who lived in Baltimore Maryland and after long conversation asked him to send me more photos,which he did,42,in the trunk,under the car ,in the clove box,etc,to good to be tru,rotisserie do ground up in 2005 and garage keep she looked great. Grabbed my son and off we went that weekend to the airport. After seeing her up close she was every thing the owner said she was,after several rides and crawling all over her we made a deal. The filling week we had her shipped home to Miami Florida were I had are 3 bay garage cleaned out ready for her. There were several things I wanted to change or add to make her ares,new mufflers,mad ignition,center force clutch, new gauges,power steering,headrest on bucket seats,3 row radiator,elec fans custom steering wheel and of course lettering the hood with the same name on my first car, Poor boy's TOY. We've owned her ow over a yr. and back in love,now taking her to many shows and just driving her on weekends and enjoying all the thumbs up. Spending time with my son's and driving are new friend,couldn't get any better.dreams do come tru,never give up.

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