Mark B 1968 Mustang GT

Back to Life

Her Meadowlark Yellow 1968 Mustang GT Fastback with a 302 engine, A/C, tilt wheel, black interior and with all the original parts was hers for over 20 years with a name of "Monte". It was slightly broken and worn, but had a great shell and had been given lots of love over its life. It now sat under cover over the past several years in Los Angeles California, crying out some much needed attention.

This second owner, is my H.S. sweetheart from Buffalo N.Y., who agreed in the summer of 2013 to part ways with her much beloved vehicle and allow me the honor of giving it the T.L.C. is so much needed and be its third owner. I immediately sold my 1968 Mustang Coupe in a week and had her Mustang shipped to my home in Colorado. Giving it some initial detail, I soon realized it needed more than wax and some tires. I first replaced the carburetor, who gaskets had worn to the point that the fuel came out of the carb and not in. I sanded down and re-painted the wheels to its original luster and gave it new tires. I replaced the sagging rear-end suspension and front end suspension along with replacing a transmission which had no reverse.

Connecting with a friend who was a mechanic, we work tirelessly getting these things in-tune and to its original configuration. It was (and is) electrifying to hear the car start on the first try and idle with a soft purr.

Upon completing the mechanical side of things, I noticed several colors variations of the very soft and elegant color that had lost its luster from sun and some touch ups over the years. Finding a classic car paint person took a lot of patience and research and a journey that took over a year. I located a semi-retired detail expert in Berthoud, Colorado about 30 miles away from my home in Erie, Colorado. Getting to know this person was an privilege in itself and a story for another day. After a couple of visits, we were able to make some minor repairs and bring the car back to its original beauty with some fresh paint.

The interior now mostly in good shape, can wait for its turn now as I enjoy next summer cruises during the local shows.

Its has been a effort of love and determination that this vehicle has found its way back to beauty and respect it deserves on the road.


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