Alex R 1953 Lincoln Capri

My 15 year Lincoln Capri search

My love affair with the 52-55 Lincolns goes back to reading an article in a car magazine about theLincolns that won the La Carrera Pan Americana road race in the early fifties.

I have been a car nut for all of my life, having owned over 150 cars since I was 16, i am 68 now

Roadrunners, corvettes, Camaros, Buick GS, MGB's, Midgets,,and a host of German cars are just some of m that was affordable, or one that was in relatively good shape, as the parts for that marque are very difficult to find.

In January of 2015 A dealer in Lake Havasu Arizona, had a restored 1952 Lincoln Capri 4 door for sale.

I mentioned that it's too bad it wasn't a 2 door hardtop as I have been looking for one for over 15 years.

He mentioned that a farmer from North Dakota just dropped of some pictures of a Lincoln Capri that he wanted to get out of his barn. I saw the pictures of the car, and fell in love,and bought it on the spot.

It seems the farmers dad had bought the car in 1962 from a dealer for $300.00 as a second car.

And had given the Lincoln to his son in 1964 as his High Scool car, when dad was through driving the car.

The farmers son got his drivers permit at the age of 14 in that car, and used the car throughout his high school and college days.

The last time the car was driven was to his 25th high school reunion, in 1991.

It has been in the farmers barn ever since.

It finally saw the light of day in April of 2015, when I had it transported to Lake Havasu City in Arizona and put in my garage for a full makeover.

I changed my mind about restoring it, because the car was in wonderfull shape.

Yes, it had rust in the usual places, but the body had the original paint, original interior, dirty but in great condition, and after rebuilding the carburetor, the engine purred.

The car had 67000 original miles, so the car was still tight,.

I love the program " Chasing Classic Cars" with Wayne Carrini, and during one of the episodes mentioned that you can restore a car multiple times, but they are Original only once.

With that in mind decided to keep my Capri all original.

The car has been in a few car shows, and people are amazed that the car still has its 62 year old paint, interior, engine, transmission, carpet, and even the original cloth herringbone trunk mat.

The paint is so thin in laced that it shows the black primer through the red paint. My wife said that the car looks like a lady bug.

Well, that is now the affectionate name for the car.

All of my classic cars have been insured by Hagerty, and my Lincoln is no exception.

I am learning that this particular model Lincoln is not that common, and is somewhat rare.

I get a lot of enjoyment at car shows meeting people that have owned these Lincolns, and the emotional attachment to them.

At a recent show I met a gentleman and his wife that had owned a 53 Lincoln Capri convertible, his eyes got a little misty when I allowed him to sit behind the wheel.

We found out during our conversation that the man had cancer, so my wife and I decided to take him and his wife to lunch in a few weeks and let him drive the Lincoln.

He was incredibly excited that he would have the opportunity to do that.

This is what I love about the classic car hobby, the opportunity to make dreams a reality, and along the way allow others to share fond memories of their youth.

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