Bob W 1963 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Sport Coupe

Livin' The Dream

My love for cars started early my father had a 1965 corvette which he sold when I was around 10 years old and a 1962 corvette ( which he still owns). I was 16 years old and the closest I could get to that 62' was the passenger seat. My dad taught my older sister how to drive a stick in that car but wouldn't let me near it. For good reason I was a little asshole who new everything (probably a lot like my father at that age). So don't get mad get even! That summer after sophomore year I went to Alaska and worked my but off on a salmon tender I made around 3k and received a 1500 dollar bonus. I was rich!!! When I got back to Seattle the hunt was on for a 1963 or 1964 impala. This was in 1992 and these cars were rising in popularity because of rap artist snoop dog and Dr Dre. I must of looked at 20 different cars with my dad until I found my 1963 impala SS it was burgundy with fur on the dash, chain steering wheel and a big foot gas pedal. It was straight and was a four speed. I spent every minute ( and every dollar) taking it apart getting it ready for paint. We put a new interior kit in and by the end of my senior year it was ready to drive. That feeling you get when you accomplish a goal that seems so far out of reach is really something special. I painted the car red almost the same color as my dads 62 vette. The engine was a tired mid 70's 350 maybe 175 horsepower but with that four speed you could burn the tires with the best of them. It really was a dream come true. The problem was the car was originally an automatic on the floor and the homemade linkage always broke and you would have to put your hand in next to the headers to put it back together ( usually on a highway or at night). I burned the same spot on my hand many times. So I parked the car at my grandparents house and continued my fishing carrier after a couple years of college. I would be gone for 8 months at a time. On Christmas morning of 2000 my dad said come outside with me and my impala was in the driveway I noticed the new rally rims and white walls right away. He said keep looking interior was still the same then I popped the hood. There it was a brand new 350 330HP crate motor with a 400 turbo automatic, 2" exhaust and disc brakes on the front. I've owned the car for almost 25 years now and every time I hit that key it takes me back to being a 16 year old kid and I really feel like I'm livin' the dream

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