Adam L 1989 Pontiac Firebird 20th Annv Trans Am GTA Indy Pace Car 2dr Coupe

Turbocharged Racing Dreams

I had always been a fan of the Firebird/Trans Am and racing and when GM came out with the Turbo Trans Am for the 1989 model year only to pace the 73rd Indy 500, I instantly wanted one! If I couldn't race in the Indy 500, I wanted the pace car that it's self was a story line of the race.

Only 1,555 were made and 1,550 were released to the public for sale. Mine is #1,221 and it currently has 2,100 original miles. It is fully documented from new with all of the original sales documents, the pizza box with all of the original promo material and documentation, as well as the car has been fully authenticated by Jim Mattison of Pontiac Historical Services. With the turbocharged engine out of the Buick Grand National with a few performance parts borrowed from the GNX, the Turbo Trans Am was a sure fire collectible from the drop of the green flag.

I enjoy taking it to car shows and watching the faces of people when the come upon my car. In a show field of muscle cars and late model performance cars, my TTA receives an astonishing amount of attention and praise. I routinely hear "I never even knew this car existed!" or "GM built a turbo Trans Am? I thought they only made the Grand National and Syclone/Typhoon as turbo cars?" It has become quite the conversation piece when I take it out and it routinely comes home with a trophy. It's even gotten so much attention that I was approached by Winding Road Magazine to bring the car out to the historically significant Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, MI for a private photo/video shoot. The two photos attached are from that photo shoot.

Such a cool and unique feeling every time I take the car out or walk into my garage and stare at it and I hope everyone who owns a classic/collectible cars gets that special feeling every time like I do.

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    Tim MI December 2, 2015 at 15:14
    Nice F101

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