Bill C 1935 Chevrolet Model EC 2 Door Coach

Fence Post Beauty

Looking for Fence Post with my father in 1972 in the back woods of Kentucky. The fence post were not for sale but setting out back of an old barn was the Chevy and it could be purchased. What a beautiful classic shape that only a 1935 Chevrolet 2 Door Coach has. I just had to purchase and start restoring my dream car. Once the deal was done I discovered the Chevy was just setting with mother nature too long and ended up using what spare parts that could be salvaged from the two tone (rust and nothing) paint job. The hunt for the restorable car was under way and was found in Jasper Georgia. I crawled out from under the car with a grin on my face as the rear body under-pan, which never seems to survive the leaky roof, was indeed in perfect with 1935 black paint under the layer of red Georgia clay. 18 years of labor, divorce, and moving several times eventually produced a finished product. In 1992 the Chevy won both 1st Junior and Senior awards and was selected as a candidate for Best of Best. She is a trailer queen and gets started once or twice a year. We enjoy looks at her with her 18 miles odometer reading since restoration.

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