Rod L 1922 Ford Model T Speedster

1922 Speedster

Back in 2006 after retiring from 30 years in the custom furniture crafting business I embarked on a search for a Model T ford to hopefully occupy my newly found spare time. After searching for nearly a year I came across this 1922 Model T Speedster that had been parked in a barn and was never started in 8 years. It was covered in dust, hay and bird droppings, but I fell in love with it at first sight. After negotiating a reasonable price the owner delivered it to my front door along with a spare motor that he thought was a rebuild (he has bought it from an estate sale). It took me several days to get it running, only to find out it had a bad knock and burned a fair amount of oil. I decided to install the spare engine and being that the body was in good shape but needed a fresh paint application, I would do that at the same time. I removed the body, engine/trans and everything else that was attached to the frame and proceeded to redo everything, After three months of tinkering, sanding, painting and reassembling I ended up with the little speedster you see here.

From researching the internet, I have been able to find that the body is one (#14) of only 17 that were produced by a company in Salem Oregon in the 60's. It is referred to as an Armadillo, referencing the design of the tail. My Wife and I are huge Oregon Ducks Football fans and the car is finished in Duck colors. On game days we proudly outfit it with duck flags, decals and pompoms and then cruise past Autzen (Ducks) football stadium all to the huge delight of the fans attending the game.

BTW; The spare engine was indeed a rebuilt engine with virtually every part replaced with new. The car has a Ruckstill two speed rear end, a Model A intake and exhaust manifold, Model A carburetor, Modern Texas T distributor, Alternator and high compression head. It can keep up with highway traffic but is a bit scary with the Artillery wheels.



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