Paul D 1976 BMW 2002 2dr Sedan

from beast to show car

Looking for a second car to commute to work in when I see a gray 2002 for sale across the street from S&W Sporting goods. It turns out my friend Tim the owner of S&W had this car for 10 years (which I never knew) and now his wife needed a new car! So with very little negotiation we agreed on a price, I drove it that summer and really enjoyed it although we started to call her the "beast" because she was rough around the edges. Well by the next summer it looked like another friend Jeff who had a professional restoration business and would "fit me in" finally had a little room in his shop to start working on the beast. It was a long process of weekends and occasional nights slowly bringing her through the restoration process. By November 2014 we were both getting a little burnt out working full time and them spending our spare time on this project. So I placed the BMW in a portable car tent in the back of Jeff's land which was next to the property I once owned behind Jeff's house. Another friend named Gary bought this land from me a few years ago and once he found out my BMW was in the shop said "Hey I thought my El Camino was next". Well I knew he was serious, this is a car guy, just like me and Jeff and Tim who I purchased the car from. Not only that Gary went to school with Jay Leno and is still a good friend of his, so I really didn't want to mess with a car guy on this level! So after a few moments of staring at the ground Gary acted like he was ok with it. Normally this would have bothered me more but at the same time it was getting to the point where this BMW was going to turn out really nice, which I had not planned on.

In the early spring we managed to find a good body shop called C&N although Jeff had never worked with Leon before he knew that he did good work and we could tell he definitely was a "Car guy". By late spring Jeff and I finally got word that the BMW was ready. I had picked a traditional 2002 color called Fjord blue and could not believe how she looked! It took most of the summer to get her back into shape, with nights and weeks flipping by I hardly did anything else and found an obsession that I never knew existed. So by the end of spring she was back together piece by piece and a lot of tinkering and find and fix issues. Kudos go out to Roger at Roger's Tii for all those hard to find items. So now she's put away for the winter and maybe next spring we will see about a 5 speed tranny! By the way we never talk about the "beast" thing around her now.

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