steve c 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 4dr Sedan

The Fancination with Police Cars

I have always had a fascination with Police Vehicles. This is the 4th Crown Victoria that I have owned.

I have had a 1995, a 1996, a 1999 and this 2008 model. I bought the car on ebay and picked it up from a Northern New Jersey Police department that was selling it to make room for a new model.

I had it tuned up and some basic maintenance done on her as well as a full detailing.

The Car is the P71 Police Interceptor Model with many heavy duty and high performance options such as

a 4.6 Ltr Motor, a Heavy duty 4 speed Automatic Transmission and a 3.27 Limited Slip Rear Axle.

The car has on it now 118,000 miles but it is well know that these cars basically run forever as long as you change the oil often and keep up the maintenance. Also the interior is also in great shape as most of these cars are not because of the heavy duty work they due in service.

P.S. People really get out of your way when your driving a former Police Car.

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