Tim I 1968 Chevrolet Nova 2dr Sedan

My first car and my pride and joy

I bought my car in May of 1999 when I was a Junior in High School. It was just a rolling chassis with four mismatched wheels and tires and a lovely two tone surface rust and primer. I gradually worked on it with the help of my uncle and grandfather and was able to get it running so I could drive it to community college. In auto shop in college I completely updated the front suspension with control arms and disk brakes. I also installed a new 350 crate engine. From there it served as my daily driver for several years to work and back. In 2008 I was finally able to get it painted its current Nissan Caribbean Blue with tribute Baldwin Motion stripes. Three years ago I completely redid the front and rear suspension with Heidt's kits after discovering a cracked front sub frame. The car has been in dozens of local shows and I take it on local cruises with the local Nova club. I have even been asked if it is "one of Chip Foose's cars." Most recently it served as the getaway car for my wedding.

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