George D 1957 Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe 4dr Sedan

My 57 Pontiac shown in memory of my dad.

I purchased my 1957 Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe sedan in May 1996 in Omemee, Ontario, Canada.The car was built in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada in July 1957 and sold new in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada by Amos Motors. The car came back to Ontario, Canada in the late 1970's. I bought the car with intentions to have a 57 Pontiac like my dad had from 1959 to 1970. My car is exactly like my dads except for all the many added factory and dealer accessory options that i have added. I did a very extensive body on restoration of the car, mostly by myself from October 1997 to May 1998. I rebuilt everything mechanical myself, rechromed everything with show chrome, polished all the stainless , redid the interior and did all the dismantling and reassembly myself and only farmed out the body and exterior paint work. I generally put just over 3,000 miles a year on the 57, from early May to early November, going to car shows and cruise nights. This car is a real dream to drive and i show it in memory of my dad Anthony (1927-1993) because of all his many cars, the 57 Pontiac was always his favourite. Cheers. George

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    George Dejesus Milton, Ontario, Canada November 25, 2015 at 21:59
    I forgot to mention that my 1957 Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe sedan is powered by the original 261 inline six cylinder motor (148 H.P.) that has been rebuilt and the original 3 speed standard shift on the tree, that has been rebuilt as well. I find this original combination has plenty of power for the weight of the car (3700 pounds) and is reasonable on fuel. The photos did not load. George

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