Marc G 1991 Mazda Miata Special Edition 2dr Convertible

Bad to the Bone Convertible.

Several years ago I met an eccentric collector of all cars. He had every year, made and model. It was a large collection that required a full time mechanic to maintain his fleet. He was a famous cardiologist who realized he was turning eighty and couldn't drive half his cars so he decided to sell off his collection 5 cars at a time.

I've been a hobbyist since 1972 and enjoy owning and driving unusual cars. I still can't afford the rare limited production cars but a clean car with an unusual dash or body style, that you never see at a local show, works it's way into my garage. My only rule is that in the event of an emergency I need to be able to repair and maintain the car on my own. Over the last 43 years I started to understand that there is an opportunity cost associated with this policy. My time is limited and many times it's cheaper to outsource a project or repair. Paint alone can cost thousands of dollars and I may never get that money back. So when Dr. G sent me photo's of his 1990 Miata with the Z3 BMW trim kit and Chevy engine I started to add up all the receipts. His asking price was about one third of what it would cost me to build that identical car.

When the car finally arrived it started right up and the stereo started to play Bad to the Bone. So now every chance I get to take it out for a ride I listen to the sound of the Chevy cam, step on the clutch, throw it into first and hit play and blast Bad to the Bone as I pull away.

Here is a link to my Bad to the Bone Miata.

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