John E 1964 Amphicar Model 770 2dr Convertible

A Drive IN the Lake

Background: Our freshly restored 1964 Amphicar arrived back in Texas from Florida, but it was severely damaged in transit by an unscrupulous auto hauler who took it for an aquatic joyride... and he wrecked it. Thankfully Hagerty Insurance covered the loss and our Amphicar was re-restored to factory new condition.

Story: Now we can get in our little amphibious wonder, drive to the nearest launch ramp or beach and voyage across the lake. Sometimes it's just a little "swim" or sometimes we venture to a dockside restaurant for a meal and some adult beverages. A crowd always gathers, questions come from all angles as do the cell phone pictures. Probably the most photographed car/boat in these parts. And of course we ALWAYS give rides to anyone game enough to be driven into the lake. Sure it's a funny looking little car, but it spreads smiles like a Disneyland ride.

Be well, swim safe.


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